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January 31st, 2014

If there’s one singer out there who knows how to Get the Party Started, it’s P!NK. On her The Truth About Love Tour, she flies through the air Matrix-style, performs acrobatic moves worthy of the Cirque du Soleil (as proven in last night’s Grammy performance), and tears up the stage with her dance moves all while showing off her rock hard abs—oh, and belting lyrics  of course! But that’s just her day job. She’s also a busy working mom and one of the beautiful faces of CoverGirl. We got the chance to grill her on what’s in her beauty bag and how she stays in sick shape.

Your CoverGirl ads are gorgeous and fierce! Did you pick up any cool makeup tips while on set that you can share? 
“Well, a lot of people might know this but an eyelash curler really gives your lashes amazing lift.  Also, a dab of concealer under the eyes is the best quick-fix for dark circles, especially for tired moms like me.”

What’s one beauty product you have to have right now?
“Right now, I love CoverGirl Bombshell Mascara ($10, covergirl.com). There’s one coat for volume and another coat that intensifies for noticeable lashes. The result is this dark sexy lacquered look.  Sometimes a girl just wants to flaunt her sexy!”

What’s the one beauty staple you have to have on everyday?
“I guess I’d have to say foundation, but nothing too heavy or unnatural.  The CoverGirl TruBlend Foundation ($10, covergirl.com) is great because it feels really lightweight and it’s so super blendable that even I can’t mess it up.”

For someone who colors their hair often, it must be tough to avoid damage. What do you do to keep your strands healthy?
“I’ve been told that washing it every day can make hair dry but with being on tour and being so active, skipping a wash isn’t really an option.  The good thing is that when it’s short like this, I don’t have to use a hairdryer, so that helps and I use a deep conditioning treatment when I have downtime.  I’m lucky that I have people to help me with these things!”

Switching gears a bit, your tour is really physical. How do you train and how do you manage to stay in shape while traveling?
“My show is pretty demanding, physically, so on tour, I work out about 5 times a week.  I do an hour of cardio and an hour of yoga with my dancers before almost every show.  It’s intense, I know. Sometimes I feel more like an athlete than a singer!”

How do you keep your diet on track while you’re on the road?
“I try to eat really healthy most of the time. When I’m not on tour, I’ve done the vegan thing, although I sometimes eat chicken and fish. But on tour is a different story. I don’t beat myself up over every little food choice.  If I’m hungry for bread or pasta or a French fry, I eat it. I cannot resist cheesecake! You can’t be too controlled.”

When you’re not touring, how do you find time to fit in a workout as a busy mom?
“I try to find the time to do something active every day, whether it’s hiking or running or anything outdoors. I like the results—feeling strong, and I think that challenging myself physically keeps me more mentally aware so I’m better able to tackle all of the other stuff. Even when you’re not in the mood, it’s worth motivating yourself to do.”


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